High-Security Steel Doors

LEADING LOCKS offers a wide variety of high-Security 4-way locking Steel Doors with appealing finishes to match clients’ tastes of style and more importantly the security needs.

 Types of doors include;

  Fire-rated doors up to 2hrs.

  Security doors for back exits, main entrances, panic rooms, vaults

  Bullet proofed doors with firearm specified ratings 

 Normal standard doors 

 Luxury security doors. Security doors customized with artistic design Door features include:  Two galvanized steel covers, each 1.25mm thick  Suited for climatic conditions 

 Covers welded together every 130mm for the entire length and breadth

 Multi-bolted High-Security Lock  Adjustable lower inserts 

 Cylinder shield with self-destructing mechanism (a SUPERLOCK exclusive). Any attempt to destroy the lock results in jamming the lock in the locked position. 

 25mm long locking bolts (The longest of its kind in the market)  High security 008 series keying system with special duplication card. 

 Sealing rubber that absorbs slamming noise of door, and facilitates acoustic and thermal insulation between exterior and interior 

 Additional upper reinforcement lock & Rim lock (*Special option)

 Thermal insulating with polystyrene filling 

 Wide-angle telescopic eye viewer 

 7 movable bolts plus 2 fixed on the hinge side with Stainless-steel lock and hinge bolts

Leading Locks

We provide affordable costs. We also deliver into Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan, Burundi and Somalia


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